БР и Младенец {1684}
Virgin and Child
мастерская Беллини Джованни
workshop of Giovanni Bellini
Venice: private collection (label on back, collection of the Papal Nuncio of Verona, about 1770)

Venice and London: John Strange (~1770 - 99; sale, European Museum, London, December 10, 1789, no. 141, as by Cima, bought in; sale, European Museum, London, May 17, 1799, no. 179, as by Cima)

William Beckford, Fonthill Abbey, Tisbury, Wilts., and Lansdown Tower, Bath (by 1822-44; sale, Christie's, Fonthill Abbey, Sept. 24, 1822, no. 41, as by Cima, bought in; sale, English and Fasana, Bath, Jan. 4, 1841, no. 14, bought in)

Lanark: Hamilton palace

Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart, Ardgowan, Greenock (by 1894 - 1903)

Walter Richard Shaw-Stewart, Fonthill Abbey, Tisbury, Wilts. (1903-27; sale, Sotheby's, London, Dec. 7, 1927, no. 44, as by Cima) [Paterson, London, 1927] [Duveen Brothers, London and New York, 1927-28]


New York
The beautiful landscape is especially close to Bellini's autograph paintings of this date.
~1510. Венеция (Ит.).
Доска, масло.
Oil on wood.
Overall 276х343.
Painted surface 257х324.
№ 49.7.2 (216/2010).
предмет с изображением:
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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