БР и Младенец на троне с ангелами, святыми и донатором {5522}
Virgin and Child enthroned with angels, saints and donor
Gift of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.
unknown Pavian artist (Italian, active ~ 1380 - 1425)
Северная Каролина: музей Худ.
North Carolina: North Carolina Museum of Art
This charming devotional panel was probably painted for one of the noble families associated with the ducal court of the Visconti family at Milan.
The delicate colors, ornate decoration of the gold leaf, the dainty angels, and the lush carpet of plants and flowers at the base of the throne are similar to details found in illuminated manuscripts produced at the Visconti court at the end of the fourteenth century.
The panel seems to have had a very interesting early history.
Relatively soon after it was painted for a nobleman from Pavia, the face of this man (whose patron saints, John the Evangelist and Anthony Abbot, are portrayed here) and the original coat of arms at the base of the throne were painted over, probably when the panel came into the possession of a new owner.
Oil, tempera, and gold leaf on panel.
Sometime after 1452, a strip of printed paper was added to the bottom of the panel that identifies the donor (probably the second owner) as "the outstanding and capable gentleman Matthaeus de' Attendoli...made Count of Sant' Angelo by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan."
№ 60.17.21.
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